Cyber Security: ESORMA Quick Start Guide: Enterprise Security Operations Risk Management Architecture for Cyber Security Practitioners (Paperback)

Cyber Security: ESORMA Quick Start Guide: Enterprise Security Operations Risk Management Architecture for Cyber Security Practitioners By Mustafa Ahmed, David White Cover Image
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Simplify Cybersecurity with this POWERFUL Guide

Based on interviews with 100s of CISOs and personal experience the authors share insights you could only get from the field. You can even listen in to some of the conversations held on the companion website where you will also find time-saving resources to download.

This 3x Amazon 'Best-Seller' co-authored by award-winning author David White and best-selling author Mustafa Ahmed is about the practical implementation of professional cybersecurity. With a nod toward ISO 27001, NIST, CISM, and CISSP the book is for those focused on taking a smart and rapid approach.

  • The book introduces straightforward, structured, fast, effective, and practical day-to-day strategies.
    • The focus is to help security professionals deliver in plain English.
  • ESORMA is a system for building out your security operations.
    • Includes strategies on how to make the most of the shortage of technical cybersecurity staff.
  • Free accompanying videos, templates, and checklists.
    • You'll know what to do, when, and how across eight business domain areas.
  • Elegant and fast solutions
    • To increase speed, add value, and nail wider-ranging enterprise risks.
  • Includes how to consider the rapid migration to the cloud.
    • How to do more with less in the face of regulatory compliance, unrelenting evolution, and constant governance.
  • How to turn Staff Awareness into an opportunity.
    • Show front-line colleagues how to be your eyes and ears.
  • How to harden traditional infrastructure to minimize new risks and compromising opportunities for fraud and theft.
    • Without investing even more in infrastructure - chances are you can do so much more with what you already have.
  • How to invest in people, processes, and change.
    • Enhanced scoping techniques can be used to focus faster on systems, data, architecture, and the ever-changing future.
  • Increase accuracy and enhance processes for better security.

Devastating enterprise breaches continue to be reported. Clearly, a streamlined, effective, faster, easier, more comprehensive approach to address cybersecurity and business needs is imperative.

Designed as a quick start, you should buy this book if you are looking for fast-working, straightforward suggestions designed to save you time and money and set stronger, more comprehensive protection in place on a business first basis.

Who is this book for?
CISOs and consultants who want to get employees on board. IT is a big part of cybersecurity, yet it is not the only thing. There is much staff and colleagues should and could do, yet most consider cybersecurity an IT issue.

The book contains the basis of an 8 domain internal training program. It will help you to widen the net and ensure you get more support from across the business which in turn should lead to more appropriate and stronger protection.

The bottom line is this: There are real-world, everyday cybersecurity problems we all face. This book shares practical strategies ready for all to apply.

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ISBN: 9798683130589
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 5th, 2020
Pages: 192
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