Hacking: Rooting & Jailbreaking (Paperback)

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In order to understand hackers and protect the network infrastructure you must think like a hacker in today's expansive and eclectic internet and you must understand that nothing is fully secured.This book will focus on some of the most dangerous hacker tools that are favourite of both, White Hat and Black Hat hackers.If you attempt to use any of the tools discussed in this book on a network without being authorized and you disturb or damage any systems, that would be considered illegal black hat hacking. So, I would like to encourage all readers to deploy any tool described in this book for WHITE HAT USE ONLY.The focus of this book will be to introduce some of the best well known software that you can use for free of charge, furthermore where to find them, how to access them, and finally in every chapter you will find demonstrated examples step-by-step.Your reading of this book will boost your knowledge on what is possible in today's hacking world and help you to become an Ethical Hacker.BUY THIS BOOK NOW AND GET STARTED TODAY IN THIS BOOK YOU WILL LEARN: -Common mobile platform terminologies-Attack Vectors & Countermeasures-How to Install Android in Hyper-V-Android Architecture-Android Hardware Function Basics-Android Root Level Access-How to Root Android Devices-Android Attack Types-Securing Android Devices-IOS Architecture Basics-IOS Hardware Security-IOS App Security-IOS Jailbreak Types-IOS Jailbreaking-Securing IOS Devices-Windows Phone Architecture-BlackBerry Architecture-Mobile Device Management-Security Recommendations-Spiceworks & Solarwinds-Malware & Spyware on IOS-Malware & Spyware on Android and much more...BUY THIS BOOK NOW AND GET STARTED TODAY.

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ISBN: 9798605313366
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 27th, 2020
Pages: 202
Language: English