Practical Guide to the Montessori Method at Home: With more than 100 activity ideas from 0 to 6 (Paperback)

Practical Guide to the Montessori Method at Home: With more than 100 activity ideas from 0 to 6 By Julia Palmarola Cover Image
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Montessori in Every Home
"The Practical Guide to the Montessori Method" is your essential companion for seamlessly integrating the Montessori philosophy into your home. This international bestseller in education and homeschooling, now available in five languages, offers a fresh perspective on incorporating Montessori principles into your educational journey with your children.

Written by the author of the acclaimed "MONTESSORI READING WORKBOOK" and "MONTESSORI MATH WORKBOOK," this guide is packed with practical advice and illustrated examples for parents at every stage of their child's development:
  • Dive into a basic introduction to Montessori principles and discover why they're essential for your child's growth.
  • Explore a range of activities, neatly organized by subject and age group, from early learning exercises for babies to engaging projects for preschoolers.
  • Delve into Montessori-inspired daily life, sensorial exploration, reading and writing exercises, math activities, and more.
  • Find recommendations for Montessori materials that enhance your child's learning journey without breaking the bank.

Crafted in a friendly and accessible tone, this guide is designed to be:

  • Easy and quick to use, ideal for busy parents craving simplicity.
  • Simple to implement, with age-specific activities accompanied by clear illustrations and photographs of materials.
  • Affordable to execute, with suggestions for budget-friendly and readily available materials.

About the Author: Julia Palmarola - Montessori in Every Home
Julia Palmarola is an educational writer dedicated to making Montessori accessible for families on a budget. Her practical and insightful books are tailored for parents seeking to embrace Montessori principles at home with their babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

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