Cyber Resilience A Global Challenge (Paperback)

Cyber Resilience A Global Challenge By Virginia A. Greiman, Emmanuelle Bernardin Cover Image
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The omnipresent threat of a cyber-attack is foremost in the minds of every cyber professional and owner of critical infrastructure. Moreover, the tools used by these cyber thieves and disruptors are becoming more sophisticated making our offensive and defensive tactics evermore challenging to keep current. Companies and public institutions must face the issue of recovering from these attacks but do not always know how. In compelling terms, Cyber Resilience: A Global Challenge provides an in-depth perspective on post-attack recovery, adaptation, and transformation, essential to anyone developing a strategic plan for cyber resilience. The book presents an international perspective on many of our world's most recent mega cyber-attacks and proposes a multi-criteria cyber resilience framework. The book is written for a wide audience including policy makers, executives, cyber security and information system professionals, defense, technology, health and financial sector managers, cyber researchers. It is also an academic resource for the training and development of all those concerned with the well-being and resilience of their organizational networks and infrastructure.

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ISBN: 9781914587023
ISBN-10: 1914587022
Publisher: Acpil
Publication Date: November 1st, 2021
Pages: 150
Language: English