How to Be Free from Bitterness (Paperback)

How to Be Free from Bitterness By Heather Torosyan, Chris Vlachos, Jim Wilson Cover Image
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Bitterness often grows out of a small offense - perhaps a passing word, an accidental shove, or a pair of dirty socks left in the middle of the living room floor. Yet when bitterness takes root in our hearts, its effects are anything but small. As the Apostle Paul says in Ephesians, we have been called to leave the bitterness and anger of the world and instead embrace the love and compassion of our God. Therefore, the bitterness must go. The authors remind us that we are to forgive others just as we have been forgiven, pointing to Scriptural admonitions and examples as they offer sound teaching on the trials and temptations of everyday life.

With more than 300,000 copies in print and translations in 23 languages, this book has helped thousands to overcome their bitterness since its first publication in 1990. Read it today, and be free.


1. How to Be Free from Bitterness

2. Forgiving Others

3. Man's Anger

4. Fits of Rage

5. Taking Offense

6. Bridling the Tongue

7. Introspection

8. How to Receive Bitterness

9. Relationships with Parents

10. Saturation Love

11. How Does a Woman Become Secure?

12. The Responsible Man

13. Q&A on Becoming a Christian

14. The Gospel.

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ISBN: 9781882840298
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Publication Date: July 24th, 2020
Pages: 172
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