365 Daily Devotional Book - Volume 1: Golden Nuggets for Daily Living (Paperback)

365 Daily Devotional Book - Volume 1: Golden Nuggets for Daily Living By Augustine Ampratwum-Duah Cover Image
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We live in a very hectic and challenging world. We are confronted with many thorny issues of life in different proportions, which are never-ending and face us daily. We all wish we could have a quick-fix methodology and solutions to deal with the enormity of problems and other complexities of life issues that pounce upon us daily. In point of fact, the things we face daily are numerous and multifaceted, and either we have the grace of God to deal with and overcome them, or we become victimized by the enormous issues of life and are buried under the rubble of disgrace.

This 365 daily devotional book, nuggets of gold for daily living, sets a bright new pathway of life for God's people, and all desiring to go through life unscathed. The greatest successful habit on earth is the development of the noble discipline and the habit of receiving the word of God daily into your spirit. Clearly, this is where 365 daily devotional book comes into play. This devotional book therefore is an indispensable tool and a Christian companion, an aid to navigating through life unbeaten by every passing day with buoyed-up confidence in the Lord. As every day has its own troubles and issues of life to deal with, so this daily devotional book has rich pearls of God's word to mine, meditate upon, and marinate the soul in order to have spiritual resilience to confront the daily issues of life. This is a ground-breaking devotional book, a daily guide, a roadmap, and a spiritual pouch to successfully carry you through every passing day.

With this daily devotional book you will discover that your heart will be filled with optimism, not pessimism; your soul will not be downcast and disturbed, but cheerful and joyful in the Lord. You will be thrust into the presence of the most high God for daily refreshment of the body, soul and spirit

This is a must-have daily devotional book, an imperative spiritual resource, full of real nuggets of gold for daily living

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